SPAC3D is a platform where brands can create Augmented Reality shopping experiences on the web.
Help your potential buyers make better decisions and increase conversion rates.

Virtualize your products in 3D

Our 3D designers will create a tailor made 3D model of your product, ready to be deployed to the SPAC3D web viewer. You can access your 3D product anywhere, anytime.

View products in 360 degrees with the 3D web viewer

Change colors and textures of the product, embed the viewer on any website, and share it to social media.

Place products in your home with the AR web viewer

You can place products in AR using your smartphone camera. 3D models are life-sized, so you know exactly how the product will fit in your space. Plus it helps you decide whether the design of the product will match your home.

Increase conversion rates

Potential buyers are more likely to make a purchase if they engage products in an interactive way such as 3D and AR.

Reduce return rates

Take the guesswork out of making a purhcase. Life-size 3D models allow customers to know exactly how the product will fit in their space. No more frustration of returning the product with the wrong size.

Increase customer satisfaction

By allowing users to test out furniture in 3D and AR, brands are able to boost customer satisfaction.

Increase ROAS and customer retention

Consumers no longer trust 2D ads; they use ad-blocks or close webpages with ads. 3D ads have a higher Return on Ad Spend. Also, 3D ads can markedly reduce user Bounce Rate.

Limited Free Trial

Start your 1 month free trail.
We will create 1 3D model for free and provide the link to our 3D/AR viewer.